Club Day


Feature Editor

Club Day at San Marcos is a big deal for students of all grades. Seniors and Juniors are typically in charge of the clubs we have here and invite students to join whichever clubs they feel passionately about. This year there were almost forty different clubs on campus, so finding one to fit your interest should not be hard. Every club day there are dozens of students who help set up tables in the quad for each club. As students filter through, many people give candy or incentives to sign up for their clubs.  

Club Day is very important for students here at San Marcos,” said senior Noelia Ramirez, who was in charge of setting up Club Day, “It is a way to get involved and be a part of San Marcos by doing something you love to do.”

Clubs are student run, with a teacher supervisor, and usually meet every week or month during lunchtime. With subjects ranging from athletics, to drama, and even hacky sacks, there is a huge variety of clubs at San Marcos.

There are many reasons for students to join clubs, one of the biggest being that it is a great way to interact with a various collection of people that you might not meet otherwise and who also shared interests with you. If you feel particularly passionate about a certain club, you can become the leader of the club in the years to come which looks good on college applications. You can also learn lots of social skills that will help you throughout high school, college, and even later in life.

The goal of Club Day is to involve students by having them join clubs that spark their interests,” said senior Kaitlynn Miller. “This year we had a really good turnout and we’re happy with all of the freshmen that were able to get involved and hopefully they found clubs that they want to continue for the rest of their high school career.”

It’s still not too late to join a club so feel free to tag along with any of your friends, all are welcome to sit in and participate. You can find a list of clubs online at as well as the morning announcements for more information.


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