How music can help stress


Staff Writer

Being stressed is not fun—it’s hard to get anything done and you start to go a bit crazy. There might be a solution to this problem. A lot of research has been done to prove that music can relieve stress. Just listening to music that you like can be very calming, helping you to get homework and studying done efficiently.

With college stress and testing, I find myself looking for a break when I listen to music,” said senior Emma Habecker.

Slow, classical music has shown more signs of lowering the pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones. Each person has a different musical preference, so you should decide what music makes you feel a certain way. However, even if you don’t normally listen to classical music, you should give it a try because it is proven to be a relaxing music genre for most people.

Jane Collingwood, in her online article “The Power of Music To Reduce Stress” explains that for hundreds of years, music has been used to heal people both physically and mentally. Recently, scientists have actually found examples of ways that music can be restorative and healing. For example, music therapy has made cancer patients more confident and has decreased their stress levels, resulting in a happier lifestyle. Elderly people have received similar results, such as being happier and having higher self-esteem.  

Many people think that it is a waste of time to listen to music while working or studying, but it is nearly impossible to be productive while stressed. Music can reduce your anxiety, ultimately making it easier to concentrate. It might take a while to get used to the music, but it will help your overall performance with school.

Listening to any kind of music helps me focus on homework like math and English,” said freshman Spencer Drew.

Maybe next time it’s late at night and you have a test the next day that you haven’t studied for, put on some quiet music and relax. If you have loads of homework, you might get it done a lot faster if you listen to music because you will be able to forget any stress or tension. Being able to unwind, sit down, and work productively can ultimately help with your grades and school life. Happy studying!


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