Independent P.E.


Sports Editor

Allowing San Marcos students to make their own choices is very important to the school and Independent P.E. is a way for students to do so. It lets students leave school instead of having a fourth period or come to school later in the morning in order to make it to practices. Sports such as ice hockey, gymnastics, and other club sports are not directly offered by the San Marcos athletic program, but are recognized to be competitive. It is great that athletes can still get credit for participating in them.

Independent P.E. is great because it gives me more time to go home before practice and workouts and lets me catch up on schoolwork and homework if I ever fall behind,” said junior hockey player Jack Johnson. ”It also gives me P.E. credit, which I wouldn’t get without Independent Study P.E. so I’m grateful that it is offered here.”

The athlete needs to practice and or play for seven and a half hours each week and record the times as well as get a signature from the coach to get credit for the week. Then, every Tuesday, the students give a completed timesheet to Coach Jahadhmy. Also, at given times of the year, the athlete’s coach must fill out a midterm progress report which evaluates the student and makes sure that they are coming to practice and doing well in their sport. Independent P.E. gives students the same credit as a sport directly offered by San Marcos so athletes can do it to fulfill their mandatory P.E. credits to graduate.

Independent P.E. is good for students who are already doing a sport or activity that is not offered by San Marcos,” said Coach Jahadhmy. “However, you need to contact me to make sure your sport does meet the requirements because not all sports or activities are eligible for I.S. P.E.”

Having the extra period off can really help students both succeed in their sport as well as academics because of the time off. Allowing athletes to make a choice and not forcing them into a school run sport is amazing and great for anyone doing sports.

It is really nice that I am able to do independent P.E. because I can finish my homework after school and also have some time to relax,” said sophomore Harry Del Bonis.

Being able to get credit for a sport that is not offered here is an amazing opportunity for anyone doing other sports. If you meet the requirements and need credit for PE, talk to coach Jahadhmy in B-1 to take advantage of this awesome opportunity.


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