Instagram vs. Snapchat


Staff Writer

In early August, Instagram shocked its and Snapchat’s users by releasing an update with a new feature: “stories.” THis was also a shock for snapchat users because the new feature is surprisingly similar to the Snapchat feature that is called the same thing. Instagrams decision to copy Snapchat in such an obvious way made many people question which is better, Instagram or Snapchat?

At first look, both the “stories” look very similar. They both allow users to share pictures and videos that get deleted after 24 hours, and add texts and emojis to them. Although it may seem like blatant copy of Snapchat it seems that Instagram may have improved on it. Instagram’s new story makes it easier for users to view who saw their photos and choose what users are blocked from seeing their story. They also improved on the emoji adding, brush tool and color features. The Instagram emoji, adding a feature has many more options compared to Snapchat’s limited selection. Additionally, Instagram added three different styles to the brush tool (neon,highlighter and marker) and made it much easier to choose different colors for the brush and font tools. Although Instagram made these many improvements to the already very popular snapchat “stories” the majority of users still prefer Snapchat’s version.

Instagram and snapchat are both good for different types of photo sharing,” said senior Ian Churchill. “But I definitely like Snapchat much better.”

Snapchats filters keep users loyal and engaged to Snapchat because they are amusing and funny to mess around with.

My favorite thing to do is to mess around with the snapchat filters when I am lonely,” said junior Seth Cohen. “It always makes me laugh”. Snapchat seems to be more trendy and attractive to teenagers because they can share more private and tailored individual pictures with their friends. Even though Instagram has more overall users, Snapchat is seemingly much more attractive to high school students.

Instagram and Snapchat both have their perks depending on a user’s age and what features they are looking for in a social media platform. Instagram’s stories could quite possibly become popular once users begin to give it a chance and after they make more innovations in photo sharing.


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