Overview of the Olympics



Sports Editor

The 2016 Summer Olympics were very popular as they were watched and covered around the world. The United States did extremely well in the games, earning 46 gold medals and 121 total medals. Athletes such as Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt dominated in their respective events and raked in medals for their countries. These outstanding athletes are why people tune in to watch the Olympics. Gymnastics, another popular event, was dominated by the U.S. team, who won twice as many medals as the second best country in the sport.

However, the Olympics this year had significantly more equipment and safety-related issues than other years. According to SBNation.com, the distance road biking event was one of the most dangerous courses in Olympic history with dozens of crashes and flat tires caused by the poor conditions and track layout. One of the pools that would have been used for diving turned completely green after algae made it through the filters. The pool had to be drained and refilled before it could be used again by the athletes.

I was surprised to see so many issues with some of the tracks and equipment,” said junior Blake Laviel, a soccer player and track athlete. “You would think that nothing major would happen during an event of this size.”

Another disaster and embarrassing moment for the United States, was the situation with Ryan Lochte. He lied about being mugged at a gas station and caused numerous problems with the police. His passport was temporarily taken away and it took multiple days before he came clean and told the authorities what actually happened.

However, many San Marcos students still watched the Olympics and were really happy with how the U.S. and other countries performed.

I really liked watching Michael Phelps’s inspiring performance in every event that he participated in,” said junior Sean Hopkins. “I was also really impressed with how the U.S. easily won the overall medal score by more than double second place!”

Track and Field is the most popular Olympic event and some students enjoyed watching the suspenseful short distance sprints.

I really liked watching Track and Field and seeing how fast Usain Bolt was and how he even turned around and looked at all the other athletes behind him,” said sophomore Owen Thames, a cross country runner and track athlete.

The 2016 Olympics were some of the best, with the athletes shattering records that impressed the entire world. The Summer Olympics only happen every four years and the next one will not be until 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. But if you love watching these events, you can look for them online and see each one as if they were live.


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