The purpose of sports in school



Staff Writer

When joining a new high school, many students wonder if they will be able to make friends and meet new people. The process of joining a new school can be intimidating and the prospect of creating an entire new set of friends can be daunting. Luckily, San Marcos offers an array of sports and programs that can help make this transition easier. Sports allow students to become connected to both the school and other students. Students enrolled in a school sport have a time every day allocated to stay in shape and see friends.

Freshman year brought me closer [to other players on the team], and now I am friends with everyone on the team,” said junior Dustin Hopkins.

Dustin also mentioned how much the team atmosphere has contributed to his dedication to baseball.

I wouldn’t be as motivated to be active and workout as much,” said Dustin.

Baseball also encourages a sense of school pride that is caused by competition with other high schools. The Royals seem to be most competitive when they play Dos Pueblos and Santa Barbara High Schools.

There are definitely rivalries between Dos Pueblos, Santa Barbara, and San Marcos,” said Dustin.

I feel connected to people on the team,” said junior Tatiana Quintanar. “[The coaches] are focusing more on bonding the whole team.”

Tatiana has been on the soccer team since freshman year, and she also explained that there is an effort to connect players from the freshman team to varsity.

Dustin and Tatiana are just two examples of people benefiting from participating in a school sport, but I am sure that most would agree that joining a sport in high school is a very positive experience. So I urge you, if you are a freshman, join a sport! You will quickly create many friends and memories that are unique to high school.


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