The King’s Page Book Club: November


Director of Operations

The Martian by Andy Weir

Picked by: Kate Winterbauer, News Editor

Genre: Science Fiction

Spoiler Free Synopsis: NASA botanist extraordinaire Mark Watney is an astronaut on the ARES III mission to Mars. After landing on Mars, a 31 day mission is cut short after eighteen days due to an emergency evacuation as a turbulent storm threatens the crew members. During the evacuation, Mark Watney is left behind and presumed dead. Millions of miles from home, Watney has to survive alone on Mars, find a way to communicate with NASA and get off the red planet.

She would loan it to: People interested in space and/or survival stories.

Why it is her fall pick: It sounds like a serious book about 127-hours up in space, but Weir has a distinctive voice as an author and manages to craft a laugh out loud, edge of your seat science fiction thriller. It is also well researched, which makes the story much more believable and engaging.

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Picked by: Heidi Speck, Editor in Chief

Genre: Science Fiction / Satire

Spoiler Free Synopsis: An optometrist reflects on his wartime experience in the Dresden bombings and his experience as a victim of alien abduction.

She would lend it to: People interested in historical novels, thrillers and science fiction. It is not overdone “traversing the universe” science fiction; it is “being abducted by aliens and forced to mate with adult movie actress Montana Wildhack despite having a wife” science fiction.

Why it is her fall pick: Heidi’s favorite book of all time, Slaughterhouse-Five is incredibly well written and as a big fan of broad metaphors something to instantly fall in love with. I am talking metaphors being metaphors for other metaphors, metaphor inception. It is a fantastic book.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Picked by: Chris Morris, Photography Editor

Genre: Science Fiction

Spoiler Free Synopsis: A boy is living in a dystopian future, where one of the only things anyone enjoys is playing the OASIS, an enormous virtual simulation, with a near infinite universe, and must fight to defend his virtual home from a greedy rival development company.

He would loan it to: People who love the 1980s, old movies and games, dystopia, and people who enjoy dystopian future novels. If you prefer a hero who is not a blank-slated Mary Sue teen girl who is depicted as clumsy and awkward while also being fully capable of mastering any form of combat because she saw her dad do it once in a dream when she was five and were patient enough to read this sentence, then this is the book for you.

Why it is his fall choice: Ready Player One is imaginative, witty, and respectful of classic video games and movies. This book offers something to appeal to the nerd demographic without belittling them. The novelist is just as nerdy as any reader who can understand all the references, and is not just another author cashing in on the dystopian future genre. Ready Player One is Ernest Cline’s baby, and it is as genuine as it is fascinating.

Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

Picked by: Emma Jurgensen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Genre: Gothic Fiction

Spoiler Free Synopsis: After their father passes away, the four Dollanganger children live with their mother who keeps them hidden away in the attic of her family home.

She would loan it to: Not the kind of people who have to turn all the lights in their house on and sleep with a chef’s knife after watching a horror movie. If you are willing to go into this book with an open mind then I wholeheartedly encourage you give it a read. It is bizarre.

Why it is her fall choice: This is a perfect post-halloween book for lovers of the holiday. Flowers in the Attic is incredibly eery and unsettling but at the same time absolutely riveting, giving you Halloween vibes mid-November. Once I started reading it I could not put it down and that is the hallmark of a great book.


Picked by: Tia Hannah, Director of Operations

Genre: Fantasy

Spoiler Free Synopsis: Chalked full of everything you could possibly want in a book: superpowered female assassins, a secret organization dedicated to protecting humankind from evil run by oracles. A prophecy that foresees the aforementioned swanky secret agency being infiltrated and taken down from someone on the inside, THE REGIONAL OFFICE IS UNDER ATTACK! focuses on the aforementioned secret agency being infiltrated and taken down from the inside. The ensuing tangle between the Regional Office’s attackers and those who defend it is full of action and intrigue. THE REGIONAL OFFICE IS UNDER ATTACK! has all the hallmarks of a great thriller movie except it is a book.

She would loan it to: Comic books fans everywhere, THE REGIONAL OFFICE IS UNDER ATTACK! has all the hallmarks of a great action movie except it happens to be a book. The kind of book you can blast through in a few sittings or, if you are into more thought provoking reads, take your time with, as this novel offers a lot of food for thought.

Why it is her fall choice: This book is a perfect blend of kooky, entertaining, introspective and hilarious. There is never a dull moment in THE REGIONAL OFFICE IS UNDER ATTACK! just some weird ones. The best part of the book hands down is Gonzales’ writing style, and with his unique prose he has managed to tell a story chalked full of satire and absurdity and ground in the real world. The end product is a smart, exciting read you will most likely cry tears of laughter reading.


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