Boy’s Basketball Preview



Comics & Classifieds Editor

The San Marcos boy’s basketball team has been notorious for being on of the best basketball teams in all of Southern California. Last year, the team managed to place second in Channel League, and make it all the way to the quarter-finals of CIF. This year, some exemplary boys from last year’s junior varsity team have been moved up to varsity, and they have been putting all of their effort and energy into each and every one of their practices.

The boys have been waking up to go to practices that are at six o’clock in the morning, and staying late after school to participate in practices that focus on their defense and teamwork. The team has also been graced with three great coaches, who have all been working as hard as they can to ensure that the team is as prepared as possible. One of the biggest problems facing the team this season, is trying to get the new varsity guys, who moved up from junior varsity, up to speed with the rigor of varsity. The coaches and other teammates are doing their best to prepare the new boys for the stronger players that they will face in Channel League and CIF.

We have all been putting so much work into this season, and I couldn’t be more proud of my teammates for the great work that they have been doing,” said junior Stefan Korfas.

With this new season, many people have been doubting the strength of the new team. Many believe that since some of the strong member graduates last year, then the team is weaker this season, but that is false. The team is stronger than ever; the team is comprised of only juniors and seniors this year, who have all played for San Marcos before.

While the school might be uneasy, the rest of the coaches and I are all confident that the team, this season, is very strong, and capable of putting up a good fight,” said Coach Boucher “ The guys have been playing very strong in their pre-season games, and they have proven in practice that they are ready for this upcoming season.”

The boy’s basketball team plays their first game on November 22 7pm, it is an away game at Pioneer Valley, and their first home game is on November 26 at 7pm. San Marcos students are encouraged to go out and support the team at their home game, and good luck to the boy’s basketball team this season.



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