Football comes to an end



Staff Writer

The San Marcos Football season has come to an end and when we look back on the team’s season we can see that it has been a hard year. Our 0-10 record is not impressive but it does not reflect the effort the player’s have put into their season. There was blood and sweat at every game and we can all be proud of that. Students have continued to support the team through thick and thin. Our rallies have been filled with enthusiasm and the stands have been filled with loud fans that have been hoping for a win.

In our first game we lost to Santa Ynez 52-0. The turnout for the game was extremely high and the support from the students was huge. The unfortunate final result did not lessen anyone’s support.

Our final game did not end on a high note with our 72-8 loss to Buena, but the game ended with a touchdown and a two point conversion.

Our team played with a lot of heart and we’re excited for next season,” said sophomore Tommy Schaeffer.

The team shares that opinion and is eager to improve their game for next season.

I thought that we might have been able to win some games but the team gave it their all and you can’t ask for more than that,” said senior Josh Harrah.

With this kind of attitude in the team they will definitely †be able to learn the mistakes they made and build on them so San Marcos can become a winning team.

They could have checked out mentally but they stayed together and gave their all until the very end,” said head coach Jason Fowle. “We were able to lay a positive foundation for the future of the football program.”

Coach Fowle clearly thinks that the team has worked their very hardest this year and through the offseason the team will train hard and try to improve so next season they will be able to compete to win high stakes games at home and away. All of the San Marcos students cannot wait for a win and now everyone’s eyes are on next season.



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