Review of San Marcos Cross Country



Sports Editor

Both boys and girls cross country teams finished a very strong season. They blew away just about all of the teams in League and improved their times and capability tremendously from the beginning of the season. The team is heading into off-season now and is preparing early for next season and the challenges that it will bring.

As a team, I feel that we all improved each season and I am excited to see how much better everyone will be next fall,” said junior Jason Peterson, a Varsity cross country runner.

Thanks to the hard work that everyone put into the season this year, many of the Varsity runners were able to go past the regular season and into CIF state level competitions. These few athletes have the entire team to support them and are expected to do well, despite some of the tough competitors.

Being on Varsity has helped my ability to run significantly because of the faster overall speeds during both practice and competition,” said senior Ethan Clark. “The team did great this year and I am sure that they will continue to do so since our younger runners are so talented.”

Both Varsity and JV boys and girls teams destroyed this year and are only getting better. Varsity boys was able to win three out of their five regular season meets and got second place at CIF. The girls Varsity team won three out of five meets as well and won first place at CIF!

The team would be nowhere without its coaches, and thanks to their dedication to the team, everyone’s running has gotten better and better. They run with the teams during practice and helped cheer and coach them on during each and every meet and will continue to help into the offseason.

The coaching is the biggest reason for our success this season,” said junior Ty Burre. “They helped improve everyone, and without them, we wouldn’t be close to where we are right now.”

If the team is able to keep up with their current trends and improve at the same rate, we are looking at a blowout. Good luck to everyone running at the state level!



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