An update on Boy’s Soccer


Staff Writer

San Marcos Varsity boys soccer is preparing for an impressive season this year. It is one of the most played sports in the school and draws in a crowd to cheer on the team. Last year San Marcos Varsity boys soccer did not end the season with the most desirable record they could have hoped for, but this year the team is expected to win Channel League games.

The team’s first game was December 1 against Channel Island. Tony Garcia scored the game winning goal off of a free kick in the last minute capping a 1-0 win.

“It was a highly competitive match where both teams played a possession-based game,” said San Marcos coach Daniel Torres. “The boys followed our game plan. They never panicked and found a way to win at the end. We have a long way to go, but tonight’s showing from the boys was very impressive.”

The Varsity team managed to tie Cate School with a goal by Levi Sheffey to even out the score to 3-3. The game became physical within the final few minutes as each team tried to score a goal to put their team in the lead.

The San Marcos team plays 2-5 games per week with no games being played over Winter Break meaning the team has very little time to recover and adjust for the next opponent. Yet they always find a way to be ready to go.

We have practice every day after school for 2-3 hours. It can get a little tiring but we need to stay in shape if we want to win,” said Junior Kei Faulkner.

Already, the Varsity boys soccer team is off to a great start with fresh young athletes and strong senior leaders. The team is hoping to have one of the best records in years. The next home game is January 18 vs. El Camino, go cheer on our Royals!


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