Be on the lookout for these electronic stocking stuffers



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This holiday season, there is an abundance of cheap electronic gifts. Whether you rushed in crowds of materialists on Black Friday, waded through the slow, overcrowded servers for online shipping, or simply waited to buy Christmas gifts, finding stocking stuffers for the whole family does not mean wasting all of your money. Here are several electronic gift ideas that anyone can use, while still avoiding going to Denny’s for Christmas Dinner.

For Relatives Still in School: Calculators. While a graphing calculator as advanced as a late TI model may be hundreds of dollars, a scientific calculator can cost less than $20, and make a perfect gift for a relative just starting middle school or high school.

For Parents: Bluetooth stickers. These are a miracle for anyone who hates how forgetful they are. Be sure to read reviews as some of these are a scam, but the vast majority of the stickers work like this: place them on something you do not want to lose, and then the stickers’ location can be monitored on your smartphone. Apply one to your smartphone, and any computer can track them. Thanks to these, people do not have to panic when something gets lost.

For Online Shoppers: E-Gift cards. With the aforementioned popularity of online shopping, the creation of online gift cards was guaranteed. These can be made for any place where items are sold online, such as video game platforms like Steam or Unity, any e-book website, or shopping websites like Amazon or Ebay. Everyone exchanges gift cards at some point during the holidays, and the 21st century is far from the end of this somewhat-cherished tradition.

For Music Lovers: Earbuds. Everyone needs an extra pair of these, right? For less than $10 each, you can get a pair for every music lover in the family. Why spend $200 on Beats headphones when equal quality ear buds cost less than 5% of that price? This may seem obvious, but ear buds are something anyone would accept, as most people either have problems with their current set or are down to their last pair. There is never a problem with having a backup set of anything, and earbuds are no exception.


Photo Courtesy: Pexels


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