Horoscopes for the New Year


Director Of Operations

Aries: You do not need anyone else to complete you. New Year’s Resolutions are largely overrated, but in 2017 please try and keep in mind that the only opinion that really should matter to you is your own. Personal growth and self acceptance are in the stars for you this year. Look forward to a legendary 2017!

Taurus: 2016 may have harbored some setbacks for you, but do not let yourself be bogged down by them in 2017. We move forward. In order to do this and have a truly great New Year, you are going to have to leave what is in the past, in the past where it belongs. Dwelling on what might have been or how it was is only going to detract from the epicness of your present.

Gemini: People always will, and always have, formed their own misguided opinions, but do not let those opinions define who you are. It sucks. But It is time you prove them wrong. This year, be empathetic and honest and open in order to forge the best relationships possible, and mend any that might have been frayed over the years or by misunderstandings. This is your time to make good.

Cancer: It is a principal law of the universe that whenever you are looking for something you will not be able to find it, and that the more frantic you become in your search, the longer it will take you to stumble upon what you need. This year, stop searching for happiness. Let it find you. With time everything will come, but do not spend your time waiting for happiness or looking for it, create it. Be flexible and open minded and have fun. Do not lead yourself into believing that only one outcome will bring you what you need.

Leo: 2016 was such a big year. It was full of friends and family, love and laughter. 2017 is going to be the same way and it is going to be a phenomenal time, but every now and then you need to take a moment for yourself and breathe. Learn to be at ease without a group of people surrounding you. Be careful not to burn yourself out.

Virgo: In 2017, remember the value of kindness. There are more impressive and useful virtues to be sure, among them intelligence and practicality, but none are more appreciated than kindness. If you want to change the world for the better, start with the little things, a smile goes a long way even in the grand scheme of things.

Libra: Objectivity is your enemy this year, keeping things at an arm’s length is a good way to save yourself from the disdain or criticism of others but some things are worth risking involvement and proclivity. Get passionate about activities and ideas and people, take a stance, make things personal. That is what all the greats risk when making their mark, and you deserve to be among them.

Scorpio: Scientifically controversial, this year prescribe to law of attraction and put out the positive energy that you want returned to yourself. Our thoughts and feelings draw closer similar energies, positive thoughts will draw positive experiences.

Sagittarius: 2016 was a mixed bag, the lows were devastating but the highs were exuberant. Maybe this was not your best year ever, but do not let the bad times overshadow the great memories that were made.

Capricorn: Many do not realize this but there is power in being methodical and organized. Foresight and success go hand in hand. This new year, never be ashamed of having a plan where others do not, of thinking ten steps ahead of where the game currently is

Aquarius: Ingenuity and individuality are underrated, the only way to blaze a path is to venture from the beaten one.

Pisces: It’s the end of this year, and the beginning of the next. You’ve worked hard this year, now it’s time to take a breather and have a good time. That’s what life is all about and no matter how much work it might seem like, next year remember to come up for air and appreciate everything around you.


Photo Courtesy: Pixabay


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