The best places to hike in Santa Barbara



Staff Writer

Want to stay in shape over winter break? Do not workout on an indoor treadmill or bicycle, instead grab a few friends and head outside! Santa Barbara is not only known for the remarkable beaches, but also for the amazing mountain range. The mountain range that lies on the coast in Santa Barbara County is the Santa Ynez Mountains, and these mountains hold many breathtaking viewpoints over Santa Barbara. Enjoy the beautiful view of Santa Barbara while exercising! Santa Barbara holds trails with varieties of characteristics, these include different difficulty levels, locations across Santa Barbara, and terrains.

There are close to 100 different trails located in the area. A marvelous way to find the perfect hike for you can be through a free application in the App Store. A popular application is called AllTrails. AllTrails collects information from trails near your location, which can easily be filtered to your preference. For instance, if you are looking for a strenuous hike that has limited rocks in the pathway, the application will help you reach your desired hike. AllTrails not only includes directions to the hike but also provides a map of the trail in order to insure the hiker does not get lost while hiking. There are also pictures of the trails. Overall, AllTrails is easy access to find the perfect trail for you.

In the Northern spectrum of Santa Barbara, is a beautiful hike called Gaviota Hot Springs and Trespass Trail. The trail is a 6.5 mile loop that features beautiful hot springs. The trail is moderately difficult, and is primarily used for hiking, walking, and mountain biking. Another populated hike located in Santa Barbara is Inspiration Point Trail. This 3.1 mile hike is moderately difficult as well. Inspiration Point Trail can also be walked, ran, or mountain biked. The hike also attaches to other beautiful trails such as 7 Falls, and Jesusita Trail. These trails all overlook Santa Barbara with views of the ocean. Another beautiful adventure to partake in is the Montecito Peak Hike Trail. Not only is this 5.8 mile trail exposed to natural wildlife, but also includes a waterfall. These three hikes are only few of many, and all reward you with the beauty of the outdoors.

Apart from hiking in the mountain range, a beautiful hike can be found on the coastline. Santa Barbara provides multiple beachfront trails. One of the beautiful trails is only minutes from San Marcos High School, called More Mesa. More Mesa is a 2.8 mile out and back trail, primarily used for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking year around. Another similar trail located on the coastline is Elwood Bluffs/Coronado Butterfly Preserve. Both Elwood and More Mesa provide beach access,and give hikers a chance to escape Santa Barbara’s fast paced society.

As a citizen living in Santa Barbara there is no excuse to not explore the outdoors this Winter Break, so go explore one of the beautiful trails Santa Barbara has to offer.


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