“The Edge of Seventeen” is a huge hit



Opinion Editor

The night that my friends invited me to go see The Edge of Seventeen, directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, I was exhausted after work and reluctant to leave the house again for the night. I am so glad I ended up going to see this cinematic masterpiece. Within the first ten minutes of this film, I was crying. Not because this movie is in any sense a mushy tearjerker, but because it is an unashamed snapshot of the lives of the American teenage girl. Not to mention that it boasts a beautiful urban setting and is aesthetically pleasing.

This coming of age life story follows high school junior Nadine, depicted by spunky actress Hailee Steinfeld, as she struggles to maintain her friendship with best friend Krista who unexpectedly falls for Nadine’s older brother Darian. Nadine is especially affected by this since her dad, who she had a close relationship with, passed away a few years ago. Seeing as Nadine had always been her father’s favorite, and Darian has always been her mother’s favorite, without him, she feels lost and unappreciated. Nadine finds herself competing with her brother for both her mother’s and her best friend’s affection, all the while making various impulsive decisions, seeking love and acceptance, or simply something to keep her entertained.

I think many teenagers, especially those approaching the fragile age of seventeen, can relate to the feelings of regret Nadine feels after blurting things out she does not mean or sending risky texts; the excitement when she makes a new friend or love interest, and her sheer boredom and loneliness. This movie is brilliant because despite the dark topics it covers, it manages to be hilarious and beautiful. Steinfeld is an up and coming actress who viewers may recognize from True Grit, Pitch Perfect 2, and Ender’s Game, but in The Edge of Seventeen, she truly shines.

I saw The Edge of Seventeen with very high expectations, and after seeing this film, I can confidently say that it is considered one of my favorite movies,” said senior Catherine Dosch. “Steinfeld does a spectacular job of portraying the typical angst ridden teen, all with a unique and genuine performance.”

Although The Edge of Seventeen may mostly hit home with teenagers, people of all ages must go see it. It is a female-directed, beautifully original movie that shines amid a sea of remakes and sequels. Despite what its previews may depict, The Edge of Seventeen is not just another cutesy, throwaway teen comedy. It includes themes of death, heartache, and loneliness without cringe-y romanticization. It is a comedy appealing to all ages, minus the cheese. This movie is both hilarious and heartbreaking.

Photo Courtesy: STX Entertainment


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