Why learning Spanish is so important


Opinion Editor

In high school, when we are introduced to the world of mandatory language classes, an important decision is made. The decision to take a language class in either Spanish, French or Latin is one that will have a forever impact on some students. I would encourage all students to take Spanish as their language elective as it has the most useful and practical applications, plus the class itself is extremely lively and engaging.

According to the New York Post, the United States is home to 41 million native Spanish speakers. Knowing the Spanish language is highly useful in daily life, and being able to communicate with native speakers is a huge plus when it comes to employment. A study from Forbes shows that in general, bilingual individuals make more money annually. Also, they have the ability of appealing to a larger group of clients if they can speak Spanish fluently.

In addition, Spanish has a practicality in the United States that other languages do not have. As there are so many native speakers of Spanish that live in the US, there is simply a higher chance that you will put your language skills to use on a daily basis. Being able to use those skills often will ensure that all of the work put into learning a second language was worth it.

It is also important to note how exciting and enjoyable Spanish class itself is. Having been in Spanish classes for the past three years, I can attest to the fact that it is surely something to look forward to everyday. The activities and projects that are done over the course allow students to show a creative side and always vary in subject matter, making them interesting and new each time.

Spanish class has always been fun for me, it never feels like work,” said senior Dela Hatfield. “Profe Young is a great teacher, and he always motivated me to do my best and learn Spanish outside of the textbook.”

When traveling in a foreign country, knowing the language makes everything substantially less confusing. There are 22 Spanish speaking countries in the world, so if you travel to one of them it would be extremely easy to communicate. Also, a window of opportunity is opened in the sense that moving to another country would be possible without a language barrier to overcome. Living in another country is a huge opportunity for many people, and the culturally rich experiences that are made while living abroad are one of a kind.

On a personal level, coming to be able to communicate fluidly with speakers of Spanish has enabled me to develop close friendships with new people,” said Spanish teacher Profe Young. “For example, while I lived in Paraguay I was able to chat with my neighbors about their daily lives and come to a greater cultural understanding of their needs, wants and dreams. This also broke down cultural barriers between us, and the more I was able to communicate with others about their lives, the more they began to ask me about my own needs, wants and dreams.”

Overall, Spanish class is a great choice for high school students, as it has numerous uses in daily life, and the class itself is very pleasant. I would encourage all people, of any age, to delve into the world of the Spanish language and the exciting advantages it offers.


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