Best winter desinations


Feature Editor

As winter rolls around in Santa Barbara, not much changes besides a slight drop in temperatures and a couple days of rain. During this time, many people chose to travel during winter break in search of colder weather and to hit the slopes. Although Santa Barbara does not offer any snow, there are great places in California to visit this time of year.

The most popular destination for a white Christmas is Mammoth Mountain, which is located around 6 hours north of Santa Barbara. With an altitude of over 11,000 feet, Mammoth has plenty of fresh snow throughout the winter season for people looking to ski, snowboard or tube. They also offer holiday activities such as the Night of Lights, where they put on a free concert as well as a firework show and torchlight parade.

Another popular spot for winter vacations is Big Bear which is one of the closest spots to Santa Barbara if you are in search for snow, being less than 4 hours away. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Big Bear offers an incredible zip line tour that lets you fly over the snow covered terrain, providing an unique view from above. There are also lots of areas for families to have fun by inner tubing down bunny hills and making snow angels. Big Bear is great for more experienced skiers as well as families.

Every year my family goes to Big Bear during winter break,” said freshman Bryce Robertson. “My favorite part is definitely the skiing and snowboarding. It’s something I look forward to every year.”

With endless hiking and breathtaking views around every turn, Yosemite proves to be one of the prettiest places to spend your holidays. Although lodging may be full, there are many cabins available to rent where you can get a more secluded feel in the national park. Except for some areas, Yosemite Valley gets a minimal amount of snow, so skiing and snowboarding are not as popular options while visiting. Instead, people opt for hiking and watching the wildlife in addition to indoor cabin activities.

Although Santa Barbara does not get snow, there are plenty of options for people in search of hitting the slopes this winter. Be sure to book any reservations ahead of your trip because many of these destinations have limited availability this time of year.


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