Boy’s Basketballs triumphs


Comics and Classifieds Editor

The San Marcos Boys Basketball team has been quite a success this season with four wins, and two losses. One of their best moments was when they played Nipomo High at their first home game, and wiped the floor with their opponent, beating them 80-33.

This win would not have been possible if it was not for the outstanding efforts of the team’s juniors. Many of the juniors have been bumped up to varsity after playing junior varsity for a year or two. The coaches were very focused on getting those boys ready for the rigor of varsity basketball, and it is obvious that they have succeeded. Juniors like Nate Fay and Ryan Godges put in a great effort during the game against Nipomo with defense strategies that have improved greatly, in comparison to last season. Since last year, the team’s defense has improved, with the help of the coaches and the new additions to the team. For many new varsity players, playing at a higher level has completely changed their outlook of games and practices.

In comparison to junior varsity, playing on the varsity team has truly made every game so much more meaningful and important,” said junior Ryan Godges.

The returning varsity players have also greatly improved. Junior Jackson Stormo scored 25 points in the game against Nipomo, which was crucial to the team’s victory. Seniors Ryan Fay and Thomas Hantgin showed some great leadership and initiative throughout the game, and the whole team showed their incredible potential for this season. The season is just beginning, so no one knows where the boys will end up.

Although it is too early to tell how the rest of the season will go, all of the coaches are proud of the guys and the great effort they have been putting in so far this season,” said Coach Korfas.

The boy’s basketball team has played multiple away games after their victorious home game. There, they managed to win most of these away games except for two losses against Chaminade and Burroughs. The team suffered a minor blow, losing by scores of 40-57 and 52-59, but they are looking forward to recovering when they return home to play against Righetti on Monday, December 12.

This year, the new boy’s basketball team is looking forward to doing well in Channel League, and is hoping to beat Santa Barbara High School. Both the basketball coaches and all of San Marcos is proud of how far the team has come so far, and are hopeful for the rest of the season.


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