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Hitcase, a company that specializes in waterproof cases, is coming out with a new phone case that is “thinner, stronger, and even more PRO” according to the Hitcase website. With waterproof cases on the rise, many people have taken great interest in the Hitcase.

What is genius about the Hitcase is that it essentially turns your smartphone into a high tech, almost indestructible camera. It is shockproof, waterproof, and mountable. You can connect this case to eight different GoPro mounts for maximum filming ability. Many people think that this case will limit the basic functions of the phone such as calling or texting, but the creators of the Hitcase have promised there will not be a problem.

There are many differences between this waterproof case and the other cases that Hitcase has made. The Hitcase PRO has interchangeable trueLUX lenses, including a wide angle lense, a super wide angle lense, and a macro lense. The Hitcase PRO also has a new sleek aluminum design which gives it a thinner style. The case is fully shockproof meaning that if you drop it, there will be no damage to your phone, although if you do not have the cover on your lense, it could be damaged. It has a railslide mount system that allows the case to connect to GoPro mounts as well.

The durability of the Hitcase PRO is sure to hit home with a lot of iPhone buyers and revolutionize the waterproof case market. So far this case is only made for the iPhone 6/6s. The seven and will come out soon. As of now, the release date and price have not been announced. You can buy this case online at hitcase.com when it is released.

photo courtesy: Vimeo


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