The best fries in SB!


Staff Writer

So, you know how Grape-Nuts are not really nuts? Well, guess what, french fries are not really French. This delicious food was discovered in Belgium. During World War 1, American soldiers saw Belgian military soldiers cooking potatoes with oil. The Belgian soldiers spoke French, giving the name “french fries”.

French fries are satisfying and acceptable for people living on a wide variety of different diets. Examples of diets that can enjoy French Fries include Veganism, the Paleo Diet, Gluten Free, and the Mediterranean Diet. This food is accepted due for the common ingredients of only potatoes, oil, and salt!  

In Santa Barbara there are many locations to pick up this delicious treat. One of my personal favorites is at Eureka! Gourmet Burgers & Craft Beer located in the Paseo Nuevo Mall. Eureka sells multiple fry types. Including Panko Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries, and their Signature Handcut Fries. Eureka is a more expensive location to pick up french fries compared to other locations in town, but definitely worth the money.

The sweet potato fries at Eureka are hard to beat!” said senior Grace Quittner.

Another great restaurant in town to buy french fries is The Habit. The Habit has very reasonable prices and serves white potato fries, onion rings, and sweet potatoes fries for a very affordable price. Traditional fries are only $1.80, and sweet potato fries $2.65. What a deal! The Habit’s french fries are quality cut, and cooked a perfect amount to melt in your mouth.

Similar to In-N-Out, The Habit also has a secret menu. My favorite way to eat the fries is to order cheese on top of them.” said senior Dina Rayner.

The most popular french fry choice for San Marcos students is In-N-Out. I personally crave these hand-cut potatoes over other fast food fries. San Marcos students have an advantage because the restaurant is located down the street from the school. In-N-Out french fries are soft, and cooked in 100% vegetable oil. In-N-Out also gives the option to order these delicious white potato fries as “animal style”. “Animal style” are the regular fries piled high with their secret spread, melted cheese, and grilled onions. These fantastic fries are only $3.40!

In-N-Out is cheap and easy with the drive through.” said senior Zoe Drum.

Why not grab a friend and head to one of these locations to pick up some “Belgian” fries, you will not regret it.


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