Turtles are dying because of us


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Turtles have become endangered due to many things such as plastic, humans, fishing, and global warming. They are extremely important to the ocean’s ecosystem and they help maintain reefs that host many of the sea’s population.

They are endangered by humans who trade them illegally for their meat and eggs. Some people also kill turtles for medicine and religious purposes. Also, turtles are affected by their habitat loss due to the climate change. As the ocean rises, it has influence on turtles that nest on the beaches. They are also threatened by plastics that are being polluted in the ocean. The plastics resemble their food and it tends to clog their digestive system, which ends up killing them. Turtles are also endangered by fishing, they accidentally end up in the fishing nets, which sometimes gets them injured. Sea turtles are also endangered because of their long reproducing cycle. It takes them decades to be able to reproduce offspring.

They are part of the mammal family and have to come at the surface to breath, usually every 5-40 minutes. While they sleep they can stay underwater for more than 4 hours.

I love sea turtles,”said freshmen Sophie Strasburg. “People should be way more respectful to them.”

If you go to the coast or islands that have reefs, take time to snorkel, to observe the sea’s wildlife, you can observe fish, sometimes turtles, and coral. But always keep in mind to not touch anything, it can be poisonous and you do not know what it can do to you. Do not try to touch a turtle because they are wild animals and these great animals would not appreciate you petting it.

Sea turtles are important to the ocean’s ecosystem, we all have to contribute to help them by reducing how much you use chemicals, turn off lights on the beaches or near them, and reduce your amount of garbage.



Photo courtesy: Wikipedia


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