Happy Single’s Awareness Day!


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Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to declare their love for one another and shower each other in romantic presents. But what about those who are single? Should they stay at home and cry in front of tear jerking romance movies? Of course not. This year, do not worry if you do not have a date because there just so happens to be a holiday that you can celebrate instead. Single’s Awareness Day is on February 14  and is a time that single men and women can celebrate independently. Here are some easy ways to have the best Single’s Awareness Day ever.

Valentine’s day: making High Schoolers uncomfortable since the beginning,” said freshman Asher Semonsen.

One of the main presents on Valentine’s Day are chocolate, but the problem is that not everyone knows what type of chocolate you like or if you want chocolate. Single’s Awareness Day is all about pleasing yourself and feeling great, so go and get yourself some chocolate or any treat that you wish. To get your favorites, go to a chocolate store such as See’s Candies and select one of their personalized boxes and pick any candy you desire to fill your box. You can also go to somewhere as simple as CVS and make a personalized chocolate basket. Buy all of your favorite candies and fill your basket to the brim, creating a great way to treat yourself.

Now it is time to make yourself as comfortable as possible for a great movie marathon. Grab your favorite pillows and blanket and stack them in front of a laptop or TV. Don’t forget to put on the most comfortable clothes you own. You can get some nice fuzzy socks and a great onesie at Target or Macy’s. Order pizza or takeout and settle into your cuddly cornor.

If you are more of an athletic sort, you can get together with some of your friends and play football or basketball. Even a game of ultimate frisbee could make a day once dreaded into a great time with friends.

Valentine’s Day puts pressure on couples to have a perfect day,” said freshman Greta Regan. “If it isn’t super romantic, it makes you question your relationship.”

Now that you have your chocolate, food, and comfy clothes, it’s time to pull out a great movie. You can put in your favorite movie or show, but if you are having trouble with deciding what to watch, you can go on Netflix and look in a section that pleases you. Some would like to ignore the fact that it is Valentine’s Day and watch anything but romance, but if you find that too hard to do, you can pick out a movie with a strong male or female lead where they don’t need a romantic partner to make it in life. Some great classics in these categories are 9 to 5 and Working Girl. Another great alternative to the drippy romance movie is watching a game with some friends with snacks. Buy some pretzels or popcorn and turn on ESPN. Watching an intense game can get you in a good mood and hanging with good friends is always a great way to spend your time.

There is no reason why you cannot share this experience with one of your friends and create a fun night. So grab a friend and prepare to have the best Single’s Awareness Day ever.



Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


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