Marvel fans claw to see “Logan”


Staff Writer

Marvel felt that the most proper send-off for Wolverine, or rather James Logan Howlett (played by Hugh Jackman, per the usual) was a road trip film with a highly dramatic western feel. Logan is such a great film, but it is not without its tragedies, featuring an aging and weary Wolverine/Logan past his prime and struggling in a dystopian America.

Left in the care of an ailing Charles Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart, and a mysterious little girl named X-23 (Laura), played by Dafne Keen,  Logan must embark on a road-trip to escort Laura to Eden in North Dakota. It is said to be a safe haven for her. Their main obstacle are the Reavers, led by Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook, who will stop at nothing to capture Laura for her incredible powers. They created X-24, a clone of Wolverine who is stronger, better, younger and more powerful than Logan in every way.

Not only do Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart do a wonderful job reprising their characters, but newcomer Dafne Keen, who is only 11, plays the most interesting and well-written character in the film. Keen’s Laura is also 11, but she is superhuman, sharing Wolverine’s adamantium claws and invincibility that even stumps Logan at first.

The way this Logan differs from the previous installments is that he has definitely aged, the adamantium in his bones has been slowly poisoning him with age, and his resistance to pain and super-healing abilities are wearing off. However, his cantankerous, brooding and foul-mouthed persona is still very much there.

Patrick Stewart returns as Charles Xavier, once the powerful telepath and leader of the X-Men, now 90 years old and suffering from a degenerative brain disease. He is in the care of Logan. Stewart does an impressive job portraying Charles as a very old man who is clearly ill, but a part of him is still there.

The plot in its most bare-bones form is a road-trip movie, but with superhero elements and a very dark nature. Logan, Laura and Charles have to drive miles and miles away from the Reavers and into Eden, situated in North Dakota, experiencing losses and pain throughout, but also a few laughs. There are more than just a few bumps in the road, there are mountains blocking the way.

Logan has so far received positive reviews from critics  and moviegoers alike, and has grossed $2.7 million at the box office. Common Sense media gives it 4 out of 5 stars, saying that  “…this entry in the X-Men series is amazingly moving and grown-up, elevating the superhero genre to new heights.“ Another review on IMDB submitted by a moviegoer states that “Logan is a gnarly, emotional and honest film about Wolverine. Hugh Jackman carries the movie in a minimalist, yet terrifying performance. This movie has everything…”

Logan is suitably rated R, mostly because the titular character himself even in older age, swears like a drunk sailor and rips people to shreds, likewise for his tiny female doppelganger, Laura. She even gladly beheads a Reaver in one scene. It is clearly not meant for a younger audience, but do not let that scare you. If you’re a fan of X-Men, you should definitely watch this film. It will blow your mind away with an adamantium bullet.

Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox


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