March Horoscopes


Lifestyle Editor

Aries: Your courageous and determined disposition will lead to a new love interest this month. Use your organizational tendencies to align your stars, and make your move. But do not be impulsive. Take your time, use your confidence, and finally fulfill your own destiny.

Taurus: Your reliable presence will help make you a reliable friend this month. Do not get overwhelmed with the pressing questions and the need for friends to confide and sob while eating Dominos at 2 a.m. You should take this as a compliment, and give what you can while not forgetting to take care of your own needs.

Gemini: You should utilize your curious nature to develop a new skill this month. Do not get caught up with your anxious nature, try something new. Try a new activity, something gentle and something without a lot of commitment. Try a yoga class, where you pay by individual attendance, not annually. Try Zumba, or maybe go ice skating.

Cancer: Do not let the recent gloomy weather mess with your psyche. Although you have a gloomy headspace yourself, try and leave it out of your eminent being. Even if the real sunshine is not present, do other things  to lift your potentially sunny spirit by doing your favorite activities, no matter the consequences.

Leo: This month, take a break. Your generous and passionate demeanor  demands a vacation for Spring Break. Although you prefer dominance, let somebody take care of you and do your favorite things over the break. Just bask in the sun on the beach, get a massage, or go spend that money you have been saving. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Virgo: Despite your often controlling stigma, do not let it hinder the regenerative aspects of spring time. Go on a spontaneous trip with your friends, instead of Yelping where you want to go for lunch. Try new foods, make a new friend, compliment a stranger on their shoes. Just get out of your own world and try to enter the possibilities of someone else’s.

Libra: Throw away your self-pitying and gracious mind this month, and spend some time alone to get to know yourself. You tend to get caught up with relationships, and do not spend enough time alone to get to know your true identity and passions. You could be missing out on a whole world of possibilities, and not even get to know the true you. Gain more self appreciation, rather than worrying about those surrounding you.

Scorpio: Distrusting, jealous, secretive: let all of this go. Not only is this detrimental to your health, living with chronic anxiety and stress is miserable to live with. You should relax this month and spend some money on new bubble bath or a new candle. Be honest with your friends about what is happening with your life and trust your friends that they will do the right thing.

Sagittarius: Leave behind your controlling temperament, you need to sit down and wait this month. Let good things come and meet you, rather than trying to control life and demanding the situations that you want for your life. This month, someone will surprise you with good news. Just wait.

Capricorn: Allow spring break to loosen your tightened bolts. Stop trying to be the mom of your friend group, and just go with the flow. Do not try and control what your friend group wants to do on their Saturday night, and try and accept your friends’ values and views with life, perhaps like with the election.

Aquarius: Utilize your love for the humanities, and do the self-fulfilling things. This will make you feel good about yourself. Go pick up some trash, go hangout with a friend who has been struggling lately, or go support local artists and the Art Walk on Sundays by the Pier.  

Pisces: Allow your taxing need to help others to allow you to befriend someone new this month. Do not let your timid constitution prevent you from going outside your bubble. Live a little this month, go outside your comfort zone, and try new experiences outside of your personal earth.



photo courtesy: wikimedia commons


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