“Ghost in the Shell” was “mediocre”


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The iconic Japanese series, Ghost in the Shell, returns as a more westernized and visual version of the original, released in 1995. Ghost in the Shell is about Major, a woman who was saved from a terrorist attack and is turned into a cyborg warrior by unknown people. Major starts to fight terrorists in the city and finds out she was lied to by the mysterious people that changed her into a cybernetic human and that her real life was stolen by them. She goes on a quest to recover her previous life she forgot.

The film had a bad launch, because there was controversy surrounding the fact that the protagonist, Major, is played by Scarlett Johansson and originally was a Japanese woman. This led to accusations of whitewashing, or when a non-white character is played by a white actor. This severely impacted reviews and the public’s reaction, as fans of the old movies disliked the casting choices.

“It was a mediocre movie overall, the only redeeming factor was how good everything looked,” said freshman Tyler Martindale. “I can’t recommend seeing it, because it just isn’t that good.”

Ghost in the Shell had great visual effects and graphics. The whole world seemed alive and quite realistic, however, the story lacked a meaningful plot and seemed more like an average action movie instead of a film that asked deep questions about reality and life. The original film asked questions about humans and robots, which is nowhere to be seen in the new remake. The film showcases the new technology and CGI effects available to filmmakers, and is probably one of the best looking movies so far this year.

“I saw the movie and thought it looked pretty good, but some of the characters seemed like they weren’t really there,” said sophomore Eric Mazlumyan. “The plot was pretty watered down, but I would recommend seeing this movie if you like action movies that are set in more futuristic worlds.”

Ghost in the Shell has excellent graphics and the potential of a live action series, but the movie suffers from slow development in the plot. The movie had long stretches of nothing important happening, then short action sequences in between. If you were a fan of the old series or like thrilling action movies, I would recommend you see this movie, but don’t expect much.


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