New ESports club at San Marcos


Staff writer


Have you ever wanted to play video games at a higher level, and maybe even competitively? If so, sign up for the eSports club, a new club at San Marcos that aims to have fun playing games with friends, while at the same time helping each other improve. The club will be hosting a variety of tournaments, meetings, and hopes to make people want to play more and become a part of the team.

I think it is really great that eSports are getting more recognition, especially in the last few years,” said sophomore Duncan Fritz, “I think that eSports deserve to be treated like baseball and basketball, hopefully people realize that eSports takes just as much practice and dedication. The club hopes to reflect just that.”

ESports stands for Electronic Sports, which means a group of players or a team competes against other teams, just like sports such as football and baseball. Esports are becoming more popular, and awareness of them has exceeded one billion people according to Newzoo, a provider of market intelligence covering eSports. The League of Legends championship game at the Staples Center in 2013 had 32 million viewers, both online and in person, which was more views than the NBA finals and MLB World Series as reported by USA Today. ESports are a rapidly growing industry, and will possibly surpass most sports eventually.

The club is really about bringing people together, making teams and having competitive fun,” said junior Josh Podliska. “It is really great to be able to play with your peers and compete against others.”

The new club meets every Tuesday in room C-5 at lunch. Anyone who likes playing video games and wants to get better or just play with some friends in a more competitive scene is welcome to stop in at any meeting and join the fun.


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