“Twin Peaks” is back!



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One of the greatest questions of the 90’s had been framed around just one simple phrase: who killed Laura Palmer? Created by David Lynch, who has directed films such as Mulholland Drive, A Clockwork Orange, and even Eraserhead, Twin Peaks is set in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington and focuses around the murder of homecoming queen, Laura Palmer. Twin Peaks blends a traditional crime show with a surreal blend of quirky characters, charm, and drama that has inspired commercial drama television even years after its initial release. The show gained a fast cult following immediately after broadcasting in April of 1990, and went on to hold the title as one of the greatest drama shows ever created. Despite the initial rapid increase in popularity throughout the first season, the following second season had not been as successful and led to its ultimate cancellation until its return this year. Although many fans of the show were left disappointed and confused from the cancellation, there is definite hope for the show’s return.

In October of 2014, Lynch announced that Twin Peaks will be returning to television once again in May of 2017 for a reunion season set 25 years after the initial murder of Laura. The third installment season is rumored to be “Agent Cooper’s odyssey back to Twin Peaks.” as explained by David Lynch himself who has vowed not to reveal any further information regarding the plot. Though audiences are unsure of what to fully expect from the upcoming season, it has been announced that the same original actors and characters will be in fact returning.

I cannot wait,” said senior Summer Woodward. “I am especially excited to see the original cast come back and see where all the characters I’ve come to love have ended up in life- to see how they have developed and changed after all these years.”

Though there is still another month before airing, many fans of the show are anxiously anticipating what Detective Dale Cooper’s last visit to Twin Peaks will entail, and what new stories will arise from Laura Palmer’s death.



Photo Courtesy: welcometotwinpeaks.com


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