Boy’s Swim wins First Place in Channel League


Staff Writer

Boys swim have had another phenomenal season this year. With 8 wins against other schools, the boys have done very well, and were able to bring home first place in Channel League. New and old swimmers beat school and personal records.

After months of hard work and dedication for finals, San Marcos ranked first in League beating 4 other local schools including: Dos Pueblos, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Buena. Although they brought home first place, they also shared the championship with Dos Pueblos because they achieved the same amount of points.

The team has six seniors leaving, and their spots are eagerly being replaced by underclassmen. Seniors that are graduating this year include: Adam Fuller, Jessie Morrison, Koss Klobucher, Miles Cole, Spencer Wood, and Patrick Rowley.

Swim team is an amazing program,” said senior Koss Klobucher. “The program has good ethics and support, and I felt great every time I won a race or swam a good time because the boys were super supportive. It was awesome to have a group of boys to hang out with and swim with for 4 years.”

Of all of the many impressive things that the boys swim team has achieved this season, some of the highlights are placing first in Channel League, breaking school records, and remaining undefeated. The boys have trained hard and it definitely payed off. Their first place win in League is a huge accomplishment because it is their first time winning first in 40 years.

One of the impressive school records that was broken this season was the 50 yard freestyle broken by sophomore Matt Mills. He swam a 21.02, which broke the previous time of 22 seconds.

It felt good to win,” said sophomore Matt Mills. “I trained hard during practice and felt that it really paid off and is evident in my times.”

Boy’s swim is looking forward to a great season next year and to continue improving, and hoping to do well again in League Finals.



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