Fans enjoy the fourth season of “Silicon Valley”



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Silicon Valley has been the breeding grounds for innovative technology since the dawn of computing in the 90’s and it continues to produce exciting new things every year. Recently, this hotbed city has become the setting of many TV shows. HBO’s Silicon Valley is back for it’s fourth and most anticipated season since the show’s initial release in April of 2014.

It’s honesty my favorite show right now,” said senior Ryan McMullen. “It’s hilarious and it’s really interesting to see how Hollywood chooses to portray Silicon Valley in the show as opposed to movies like The Internship and The Social Network.”

The show is written by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and Dave Krinsky. The most notable from this list is Mike Judge as he created Frog Baseball, the show that would eventually be known as Beavis and Butthead on MTV. Judge is also inherently important to the show’s relevance as he began his career working on a video card startup company in The Valley after graduating from UCSD. Altschuler and Krinsky, however, are no less impressive. They began writing together after they graduated college and wrote for movies such as Blades of Glory and Role Models. The TV show has been acclaimed across the board by Metascore and Rotten Tomatoes, and has received validating remarks from Bill Gates.

Silicon Valley starts off with the main characters at the beginning of their tech careers working for Hooli, the stand in for Apple. The five of them live in an “incubator”, or a renting space for young tech entrepreneurs. The main character, Richard Hendricks ,Thomas Middleditch, creates a new compression algorithm and then quits his job to pursue his new creation. The chaos that ensues from his groundbreaking algorithm propels the awkward young man into an uneasy stardom in The Valley. The show then follows the company’s trials and tribulations as a small company in a world full of giants. They encounter lawsuits, expansion, and corporate takeover. Now, in the fourth season, Hendricks’ company has been transformed into a high quality video chat, but Richard begins to pursue his biggest project yet: a new internet.

Thus far, the new season has been the best one yet. The show has maintained its lighthearted nature despite the density of so many of the subjects that surround the show. The characters have not changed drastically and so the humor has remained the same with witty insults and some classic slapstick. It is great to see that the show has been able to continue the characters’ journeys without being repetitive and while simultaneously developing a compelling plot that doesn’t stray from the show’s comedic roots.

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