Golf Season has come to a close


Sports Editor

The boys golf season has just wrapped up after the last playoff game finished on May 15. The boys were able to finish their season with just one loss in league and two losses overall. The team finished their season going 6-1 in league play, and 8-2 overall. They finished first overall. Although they lost twice, most opponents did not offer much resistance, allowing San Marcos to have yet another great season. The fact the team has played together for a few years now has really helped everyone improve themselves and each other. They have been able to dominate the competition for the past few seasons and aren’t looking to let up anytime soon.

We have a great group of boys this season, said sophomore Blake Bornard. “We have won almost every round that we have played against the other schools and it has been a lot of fun.”

San Marcos golf has been consistently good these past few years and thanks to the consistently good varsity team. All but one player on the varsity is graduating this year, but the team still believes that they will strong in the future.

It’s been really great playing with the same group of boys for the past few years,” said senior Hayden Schoenfelder. “Hopefully the varsity team doesn’t have a hard time transitioning players up.”

After having a great season and representing San Marcos to the best of their ability, everyone is proud of the boys golf team. Although the team is losing all but one of their Varsity players, many JV players are ready to step up to the tee. The boys are optimistic for their future seasons, as their strong play this year has begun to move them to the future.



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