Films to Binge Watch this Summer


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Summer brings a variety of different activities to engage in: road trips, pool days, or even campouts. While most people like to enjoy the weather and spend time outside, there are instances where it is just nice to stay indoors. Though it could be challenging to find ways to pass the time, movies make for a great option if you want to hangout at home and relax. Here are some feel good films everyone should watch at least once over summer vacation or in their lifetime.

(500) Days of Summer: Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in this anti-love film full of romantic comedy and quirky characters. Centered around the dull life of Tom Hansen, he recollects his 500 day love affair with colorful co-worker Summer. Arguably the film that inspired La La Land to be directed, (500) Days of Summer is the perfect film to watch over break. The Smiths inspired soundtrack and colorful scenes make this movie a must see for anyone overcoming a heartbreak or falling out of a relationship, because it will surely leave you satisfied with being single.

Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, and Somewhere: Any film directed by Sofia Coppola, daughter of The Godfather franchise director Francis Ford Coppola, is a must see. Her films are known for their feel good essence, paired with well-known casts of actors and actresses. Despite the title, the Virgin Suicides is a very beautifully directed film and is based off the novel written by Jeffrey Eugenides. Set in the seventies, the film embodies the fragility of life and creates an ethereal energy. Next on the list of Coppola films is Lost in Translation. Billy Murray and Scarlett Johansson star in this film set in Tokyo about self discovery and finding a place in life. I would highly suggest this film to those feeling unsure with what to do with their life or are feeling stuck between a hard place because it raises feelings of hope and comfort. Lastly in the film Somewhere, Elle Fanning plays an eleven year old girl whose father is a famed actor living at the Chateau Marmont. Although the film is more slow paced, each scene is carefully constructed with a perfect array of colors and symmetry, creating a very nice visual display. This films upbeat soundtrack paired with the summertime setting is a perfect film to watch over break, especially with the family because of the close knit relationship between daughter and father portrayed within the film.

Amelie: This independent French film is a critically acclaimed foreign favorite in America. Most likely at the top of the list of eccentric films and reminiscent to a Wes Anderson film, Amelie is a great feel good flick for any occasion. The story follows young Amelie who discovers a box of childhood toys and sets out in the city of Paris to return them all to their rightful owners. I would recommend this film for those who love to dream big due to the charming set of characters and philosophical dialogue.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Even though everyone has most likely already seen this film or has even read the book by author and director Stephen Chbosky, this movie is a must see. Following the life of high school outcast Charlie, he befriends some seniors at his high school that teach him how to expand out of his comfort zone. The unique characters create a special blend of personalities and share very useful and memorable life advice, accompanied by the music of David Bowie and Dexy’s Midnight Runners. This film is the most relatable on the list due to the high school setting, and is important to watch for anyone feeling alone in the world because Chbosky reassures that you will one day find your place and everything will be alright.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: Based off a true story, this film highlights the life of Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffered from a stroke that left him permanently paralyzed. The film is essentially a memoir about how he continues to fight through life despite the adversity that struck, paired with witty humor and narration. This film is an especially great feel good flick because of the uplifting story told in place of a devastating occurrence, and I would recommend this to anyone who needs inspiration when feeling held back because Bauby is truly an inspiring figure.

Although people have different preferences towards film genres, feel good films are a great sub genre because they are almost always effective towards uplifting the spirits of those watching. Although this is just a minor list of recommendations, there are countless of other films out in the world that are equally as great if not better. If you are a film fanatic like myself, I highly encourage you to invest some time this summer finding and watching movies, even passing them on to others to enjoy and cherish themselves.


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