Prom Expectations


LIfestyle Editor

The time has finally come around when girls are looking for dresses and boys are scoping for dates. Prom is supposedly one of the most magical nights according to all the high school rom coms. However, not all of the student body agrees that this night deserves the dazzling reputation that it has.

  “Although prom is great it’s definitely important to consider whether the price is worth it or not for you,” said senior Jerry Swider.

Not only does prom come with purchasing a dress, tickets, dinner, and pictures, it comes along with hair appointments, the nail salon, and makeup routines. And you can not forget about corsages and boutonnieres.

According to several students the actual dance itself does not meet expectations, however the events surrounding prom are “lit”.

Prom is an American tradition and over the years has become overrated,” said senior Philip Nauman who attended prom as a junior. “Seniors become much too stressed about what they wear or who they go with. Prom isn’t much different than homecoming. It’s the after prom and after after prom that get lit!”

Whether prom night will meet your expectations or not, it is important to make the best of it.

Prom is a time to celebrate the end of your high school career,” said senior Logan Briner. What better way to celebrate than to dance the night away with your friends.”

Prom is a great way to celebrate the end of high school with people that you will have fun with. Make it a night you will look back and smile at.



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