The Best Summer Playlist


Staff Writer

Summertime: beaches are packed with people from every walk of life, while palm trees line the burning asphalt. Nothing is better than a trip to the sandy shores with your closest friends on a hot July day. You bring your essential belongings: a bottle of sunscreen, towels, some glasses, but most important on that list is a radio.

Nothing completes a summer drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu or a quick visit to local Santa Barbara beaches like a good playlist. I took it upon myself to search through Spotify and YouTube to find the best beachy-vibe music with an indie touch anyone could ask for. Give some of these songs a listen with your friends in the car or at the beach on a portable radio and your summer will truly be endless.

No One Needs to Know- HAERTS

Closer Than This- St. Lucia

We’re Not Just Friends- Parks, Squares and Alleys

Bette Davis Eyes- Rogue Wave

West Coast (acoustic version)- Lana Del Rey

Bridge Burn- Little Comets

This Old Dog- Mac Demarco

Sonsick- San Fermin

I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me- Kid Bloom

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards- Tame Impala

Fiona Coyne- Skylar Spence

The Sound- The 1975

Carter & Cash- Tor Miller

Dimming Light- Tennis

Losing You- Solange

Too Young- Phoenix

Although there are countless of other songs perfect for summer, this list is specifically for mellow occasions and listening. The slow acoustic sound of Little Comets and Mac Demarco make for more casual listening whereas Solange and the 1975’s upbeat tracks are perfect for a more lively atmosphere. Add any of these songs together and you have a nice summer playlist that will last you until August.



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