What is San Marcos wearing?



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In the media, high schoolers have a very one dimensional fashion sense and are not represented with the vast array of different styles and trends we see everyday at school. So we went to find what high schoolers are actually wearing. Fashion is something that is universally considered a creative outlet, and a way to express oneself. We asked three female and three male students around campus to tell us how they would describe their style, who their style inspirations are, their favorite clothing items, what they are trying to represent with their style, and if they prefer style over comfort or comfort over style.

Kai Zheng

I’d probably describe my fashion as casual fancy?

My style inspirations are the Beatles.

My favourite clothing items are my jackets (I’ve named them all!)

I’m trying to represent a look where I am not a complete slob and show that some thought actually goes into my attire (unlike Ian Baucke!). You can not change the way your face looks but you can change the way you dress so might as well dress sharp!

And I definitely prefer style over comfort.

Kai Faulkner

I would call it postmodern apocalyptic.
ScHoolboy Q, Kei Faulkner
and Sophia Bordofsky are my inspirations.

My chubbies shorts are my favorite clothing item.

I’m also trying to represent girl power.

Style equals comfort.

Dominic Viola

My style is lame. I do not really try too hard but it still comes out decent (also Supreme).

Bereket Ayalew is my style inspiration (also Supreme).

My favorite clothing item are my supreme shoes.

I try to represent something rad with my style (also Supreme).

It depends on the occasion but most likely comfort over style (Supreme over both comfort and style).

Hannah Linfoot

I would describe my style as relaxed bohemian.

My inspiration is Emma Roberts.

My favorite things to wear are dresses, cool shoes, and boyfriend jeans.

I am trying to represent girl power !!

I would say style over comfort, but usually I choose to be comfortable anyways.

Delaney Werner

My style is a mixture of Bohemian, vintage, and classy chic.

I do not really have an inspiration, but if I did, it would probably be my sister. We kinda bounce clothing ideas off of each other.

I love dresses and sandals, but also sweatpants. Fluffy warm jackets are also my favorite and most of my clothes are pretty comfy. I like dresses a lot because you only have to pick out that one thing to wear and you feel very free in them.

I try to represent cute but comfy, confidence, and just an all around fun time.

Carolyn Weisman

I guess I would call it like laid back, but hip?

I do not really have style inspirations I just wear whatever looks comfy.

My favorite clothing pieces are my jean jacket, rope sandals and high waisted jeans from the thrift store.


Photo Courtesy: Pixabay


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