“The Boss Baby” is a movie for all ages


Staff Writer

On March 31, 2017, the widely anticipated animated comedy, The Boss Baby, was released into theatres worldwide. The movie is adapted from the popular children’s book The Boss Baby, written by Marla Frazee in 2010. The film includes voiceovers from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, and Tobey Maguire. The film models what it is like to have the perfect younger brother who drives you crazy, but your parents adore. The baby, played by Alec Baldwin, comes into seven year old brother, Tim’s, house and completely takes over. The parents divert their attention to the baby, and Tim doesn’t like this one bit. Together the two learn to deal with each other through many adventures, climaxing in a relatively predictable, yet exciting ending.

From the help of big time Hollywood stars, and producer Tom McGrath, the movie has been fairly successful. The film had a budget of $125 million and since its release, has earned just over $200 million in the box office. It received a squashed tomato score of 52 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, yet received a whopping 90 percent from Google reviewers.

“It was a very comical and entertaining film,” said senior Kai Faulkner. “I would highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good laugh.”

This film is perfect for audiences with younger children, as it was rated PG. Director Tom McGrath emphasized the cuteness of babies and dogs throughout many of the brother’s journeys to attract a wide audience. If you are looking for a funny animated action movie, The Boss Baby is for you.


Photo Courtesy: IMDb.com


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