Band Unveils “Becoming Hook”


Staff Writer and Feature Editor

With competition season nearing, our very own San Marcos marching band has been working endlessly in order to perfect “Becoming Hook.” In comparison to last years show, Promnesia: The World of Deja Vu, this years show is inspired by the movie Hook, starring Robin Williams and Julia Roberts.

Since early November 2017, Michael Kiyoi, the director of the band department, conceptually designed “Becoming Hook,” a show that provides the audience with a new perspective on Hook’s journey, and focusing on his side of the story rather than Peter Pan’s. In regards to ppcoaching everyone on the marching band and color guard team, Mr. Kiyoi does not work alone.

“[It’s] a group of people who come up with the movements and choreography,” said band instructor Mr. Kiyoi. “I come up with concept, design, and arranged the music with the help of others, but it’s a group effort that really ties it all in.”

Battery percussion, brass, woodwind, and front ensemble percussion instruments all make up the band itself, while Color Guard combines weapon and flag work with varying movements and dance to drive the show’s concept and add awe-inspiring visuals to the overall performance. Each group, like Color Guard, or drum line, is assigned a different instructor to guide and help them with anything they might need. Jon, the woodwind instructor, will help the woodwind players with various tasks, such as music charts, movement and markings on the field, and/or critiquing the way they perform. Trevor, a brass instructor, will critique their overall practice based on their form, how they march, and so on. Even though both instructors are assigned certain groups, they all work together in order to make the performance a success.

“People take everything really seriously because they want to do well when we compete against other bands,” said sophomore Jordan Maynard. “It is a lot of hard work, but overall it’s a fun program with a lot of great people.”

Unlike Jordan Maynard, who joined marching band for the first time this year, Valentina Venegas is going on her fourth year in marching band.

“Band has been very fun these past years with all the shows being very different,” said senior Valentina Venegas. “This year we hope to medal as we are a large band for our division and I have high hopes for this season.”

She plays the saxophone, played water polo for the San Marcos team, and is also in the AAPLE Academy. Just like any other extracurricular activity, band can often take up a lot of time throughout the day, especially when competition season is nearing, but Valentina seemed excited rather than burnt out.

“The last couple of years in marching band have been life-changing,” said senior Valentina. “We had our highs and lows, but in the end it was all so much fun.”

Marching band will be heading to Valencia, California very soon to perform at their first competition. You can catch them performing during halftime of home football games and even watch the full performance at the Warkentin Stadium on November 27th, 2018. Go Royals!


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