Goleta Lemon Festival Celebrates 26th Year in Santa Barbara


Staff Writer

The Goleta Lemon Festival has been the biggest festival in Goleta for the past 26 years. There is fun for the entire family including games, food, and live bands. Each year, there is a car show exhibiting antique and restored cars, as well as new cars. There are games and activities for all ages including mini golf, rock walls, and an obstacle course. There is also going to be a pie eating contest, a lot of vendors, and a live band. One can expect a lot of delicious lemon based foods! Besides the festival itself, there are several other lemon based events including a lemon dinner, a lemon run, and a lemon launch. The Lemon Festival is on September 29th and 30th at Girsh Park in Goleta.

“My favorite treat is lemon meringue pie, it is homemade and tastes so fresh,” said freshman Kaylee Eubank. “I love the tangy flavors.”

Lemons have been a large part of Santa Barbara history since the 1890’s when over 600 acres of lemons were planted on a Goleta ranch. Since then, the demand for lemons has increased each year, making Goleta one of the biggest cities in California to farm lemons. Since the climate is consistent year round, the lemons are almost always in season and ready to be enjoyed. At the Lemon Festival one can look forward to many types of delicious treats including lemon bars, lemon meringue pie, and lemonade.  

“My favorite treat is the lemonade,” said freshman Courtney Kelly. “On a nice hot day it is so refreshing and flavorful, I also love the lemon meringue pie.

Another big part of the festival is the entertainment. Each year there are live bands, contests, games, and dancing. This year, there is a kids zone, targeted for ages ten and under, which includes archery, swings, bounce houses, and more. It is 30 dollars for a child’s wristband which includes all games and activities. There are also events targeting adults and older children including a ukulele player, several bands, a pie eating contest, and even dancers.

“My favorite part of the Lemon Festival is the community bonding experience,” said math teacher Jennifer Sotello.

Make sure to attend the Lemon Festival, it will not disappoint you!


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