New Counseling Secretary at San Marcos Welcomes New Students


Staff Writer and Feature Editor

Our counselors work hard, day and night, to help us create our own path for the future. They assist us in schedule changes and guide us toward classes we will love, but most of this work is done behind the scenes. So, who are the people behind these amazing feats?

Our counseling secretary, the woman behind the desk in the front of the counseling office, is Ms. Garcia. She handles all of the schedule change requests, guides students towards their counselors, and prints out unofficial transcripts for students. Ms. Garcia is the first face you see when you enter the counselor’s office, and one of the most helpful people in the entire office.

“I needed some schedule changes because I had some problems with my classes,” said freshman Danielle Britton. “At first, they said I couldn’t change my schedule, but we were able to work it out. I got to talk to my counselor and they helped me get the changes I needed.”

Aside from Ms. Garcia, there are eight main counselors that are split into two groups, the main office counselors and specialty counselors. We have five main office counselors who each handle students from a small portion of the alphabet in order to make it more manageable. The counselors are Ms. Simpkins, Ms. Haines, Ms. Howard, Ms. Enrico, and Mr. Rodriguez. The specialty counselors are Ms. Loomer for AAPLE, Ms. Ma for the Academy for Success, and Ms. Ramirez for PEAC/AVID. These counselors have been helping students at San Marcos for years, but the newest member to the counseling team, Ms. Garcia, is starting her first year as a Royal.

“[Ms. Garcia] is very nice and helpful,” said junior Gideon VanBogelen. “She helped me talk to my counselor, and I was able to get the classes that I wanted.”

Ms. Garcia is new to the San Marcos counseling office this year, but she is not new to counseling in general. She was born in Mexico, moved here at the age of 12, learned English while she was in school, and graduated from Santa Barbara City College. Afterwards, she took a job at Santa Barbara Junior High in the front office as an office assistant, a receptionist, then an attendance technician. She also worked part time at Santa Barbara High School with the MAD Academy as an office technician.

“I applied for this job because I felt I was ready to be part of a school again [after having a baby] and assisting students on campus,” said Ms. Garcia. “I used to be a Don, but I’m embracing the spirit of San Marcos. I wear red as much as I can!”

Although Ms. Garcia was previously a Don, she is acclimating well to life as a Royal. She can help with your schedule, college applications, or referrals to other specialists at San Marcos. Next time you are in the counseling office, say hello to Ms. Garcia and welcome her to San Marcos.


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