San Marcos Turns 60 This Year


Staff Writer

We go to San Marcos High School, but what do we actually know about the school’s history? For example The King’s Page, the school newspaper, has been published since 1958, 60 years!

The King’s Page has been praised throughout the years. Today, it is even online, you can reach it at Many of the staff and students enjoy reading the King’s Page.

“It’s awesome!” said Mr. Bailey, a Health/PE teacher.

And, it is a fun way to get your news! One can even read past newspapers that go back to the 1960’s. Speaking of the past, at one time the paper was printed at Santa Barbara High School in their print shop.

San Marcos was founded in 1958, 60 years ago, and its first graduating class was in 1961. If you want to see what life was like back then, you can check out old yearbooks in the library. According to Ms. Dodwell, a San Marcos graduate and the current secretary to Mr Stieren, originally San Marcos was on the Riviera and it was only open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The school eventually move to where it is now around 1960 and it opened to freshman in the 90’s.

San Marcos may not be as old as some schools, but we do have an interesting history, and some very weird history. For example, in the 1961 school yearbook one can see that San Marcos students stacked their cars to solve the parking issue. In some of our (possibly) more factual history, our school had a vote for the colors, the options were scarlet red and white, royal blue and white, Kelly Green and white.

“Other schools are better recognized by their colors than us” said sophomore Jamiy Lucatero.

San Marcos was named after Saint Mark, the possible author of the Gospel of Mark. The Lion Mascot of Saint Mark is what the San Marcos lion is based off of. Saint Mark was given the winged lion as his mascot because of the way he described John the Baptist. Our lion was originally named Leroy, but the students decided to change it to Lancelot.

“The Lion is a symbol of everybody being in a pride,” said freshman Lillian Arconti-Gordon.

Our school has a fascinating history, and it is our job to continue making history for future generations to enjoy. If you want more information you could talk to some of the San Marcos alumni:

Mr Holden, Smiley in the office, Ms Macgregor, Mr. Garcia, Mrs Ashton, Ms Cervantes, Mr. Kiyoi, Royal Pride Foundation’s Mr Laband, Mr. Nielson, Ms. Pantages, Mr Ricci, Mr. Riparetti, Ms Simpkins, Ms Tate, Mr. Vogel, and of course Ms. Dodwell who gave me this wonderful list.


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