‘Almost, Maine’ Begins Rehearsals


Feature Editor

Full of drama, love, and humor, the fall play this year is Almost, Maine. The play gets its name from the town it is based in, which is almost a city, but is not quite large enough, in a country town in Maine. Almost, Maine is broken up into eight vignettes, small scenes that take place separately, but happen at the same time. There is one couple who appears at three points in the show, but the rest of the characters only appear in one vignette.

“A lot of the scenes in Almost, Maine revolve around love,” said junior Bella Dozer. “You should definitely come because there’s a great cast and Saleh is a great director.”

This is Ms. Saleh’s first show at San Marcos as the new theater director. She chose this play because of the “love” theme. She also wanted to incorporate as many talented actors at San Marcos as she could. There are a total of 16 students acting in the play of all grades, and countless others working on the set, costumes, and other technological aspects of the play.

“Stage crew is doing some really exciting stuff with projections and lighting,” said sophomore Roz Borah. “It is really different from anything they’ve ever done before.”

The stage crew is working to create a set that will clearly portray different lives and complement the lighting, costumes, and characters. They are also working to set the mood of all eight vignettes and contribute to the overall theme of love. They are challenged with creating different rooms that are completely separate, but still look cohesive on stage.

“The show is about love, but it’s about more than that,” said junior Jack Boyd. “It is about people’s relationships in this town where no one would really want to live. One of my characters, Jimmy, is really down on his luck, but he realizes that the mistakes in his life can create something beautiful and he is still able to find love. My other character, Dan, is very different and had everything he ever wanted, and it didn’t work out as planned.”

There are a number of motifs in the play as well, all of which revolve around the central theme. They represent different types of love, including romantic love, friendships, and self love. Throughout the play it becomes clear that everyone can have a different experience with love, and there is no correct way to love something.

“We’re going to stitch together the scenes with songs, to give the actors a chance to sing and make it more cohesive,” said theatre director Ms. Saleh. “I chose it because it has a great theme of love, not boring love, but something that is poetic that is made real in the scene.”

There is something for everyone to relate to in the play, no matter who is watching. Each of the scenes offers a different perspective of love, and together they show that love does not need to look the same for everyone.

“All of the scenes revolve around love,” said junior Chris Carmona. “There are a lot of literary elements and parts with both literal and figurative meanings.”

Almost, Maine will be shown on November first, second, and third at seven o’clock in the Auditorium. Tickets go on sale in early October. Make sure to mark your calendars and support our theatre department by attending the fall play.


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