Dillon Stave: Master of Youtube


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We live in society. A society in which the influence of digitized video media has surpassed much of what has traditionally been significant to us as consumers of online content. Platforms like Youtube have greatly assisted the mainstreamization of this concept which has huge implications on our population. The classes of this content are broken up into hundreds of subcategories of videos that can be tailored to appease the predilections of almost anyone. One of these niches is “vlogging”, in which a Youtube channel will post video journals depicting the everyday existence of a designated subject, typically the channel administrator. A sensationalistic example of someone in our local community who captivates the quintessence that “vlogging” stands for is Dillon Stave, who is a senior at San Marcos High School.

Stave utilizes the concepts embedded in the actualities of his day-to-day life to produce vlogs that appease to the predilections of his viewers. His channel started as a platform for videos that featured his travels, but his content evolved to spotlight his educational endeavors. The switch in subject matter was a brilliant decision, as his following went from just over 1,000 subscribers to almost 4,500 subscribers over the course of a few months.

“Youtube is great because there is a niche for almost everything,” said senior Dillon Stave. “Building a successful channel based on travel vlogs is more difficult, because there are so many people who make a living off of the travel content they upload. It just was not cutting it as a hobby for me. The niche for matters of highschool is much smaller, meaning it is easier to be successful in that field.”

Highschool vlogs are attractive for one main reason: individuals revel in looking into the academic careers of other students. By producing content that reveals his SAT scores, AP test scores, and GPA, Stave has been able to generate over 300,000 views collectively.

Stave’s unique and unparalleled approach to the production of scholastic videography is manifested in each of his skits, which he uploads to Youtube at the URL http://www.youtube.com//dillonstave. His signature artistic setup typically commences and concludes with Stave in the foreground of the frame, where he delivers an introduction and closure to his video. The bulk of his videos feature Stave’s day-to-day existence, which is almost always tied into academia. Stave’s content aesthetically manifests all the prerequisites of a quality Youtube video, as evident in his editing ability, camera quality, and thumbnails.

“I watch Dillon Stave’s content frequently,” said senior Sofia Crippa. “It is extremely interesting to get an inside look at someone’s life. He takes elements of his life and transforms them into thought-provoking subject matter. 10/10.”

If you are ever in need of an entertaining and captivating way to consume your free time, check out Dillon’s vlogs on Youtube.


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