Kangaroo Courts: Foundation of Justice or Corrupt Agenda?


Opinion editor

We have started seeing more and more stories about college students being expelled and smeared, even though they never had a fair trial, or any form of justice. Many colleges use a form of “justice” called kangaroo courts, a court that ignores standard legal practice and the outcome of each case is decided by the reputations of each side. The odds are almost always against the defender, which has led to many young college men being unfairly labeled as rapists or sexual predator.

“My feeling is that all courts should be blind and not motivated one way or another,” said senior Connor Kelly. “It is not fair to anyone in a court to have some kind of bias before they even hear the whole case.”

As President, Obama allowed kangaroo courts to open following his Dear Colleague letter. It essentially told colleges in the United States to use the lowest standard of proof, a preponderance of evidence, in sexual assault and similar cases. Most of the cases presented have very little evidence, and would not hold up in a real court of law.

“You can’t just drag someone into a court and convict them with the least possible amount of evidence,” said senior Christian Silva. “The person who is accused should be able to actually have a chance to defend themselves.”

Kangaroo courts act and move very quickly and rashly, not allowing defendants to state their point and case. An estimated 5-10% of sexual misconduct cases are lies, according to The National Review. There are constantly stories about individuals being falsely accused of rape. Most recently, a woman accused two football players of rape to get sympathy from her love interest, ruining the young athletes’ lives. However, these cases do not discredit all accusers, and the majority of them are not lying. We cannot assume everyone is lying when only a few are.

“Even though it doesn’t happen much, the accusers can still go to the police and file a real police report,” said senior Brian Arizmendi. “Instead they go to the campus security.”

In order to improve campuses all across the nation, kangaroo courts must be abolished. There are real courts of law that can fairly incarcerate the accused. Expelling someone and effectively ruining their life with debatable methods immoral and not acceptable anymore.


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