Online Editor-in-Chief

We live in a society in which the influence of social media has surpassed much of what has traditionally held significance to us, as consumers of online content. Our culture has produced a new category of “comedy”, of which has huge implications on our population. Known to some as a branch of the “meme movement”, online humor has shaped a vast portion of the material available to internet users. On platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, this class of content is broken up into hundreds of subcategories of niche humor that can be tailored to appease to the predilection of almost anyone. In our local community, a sensationalistic example of someone who embodies everything that internet comedy, specifically the grade of “Instagram Comedy”, stands for is Michael Rossol, who is a junior at San Marcos High School.

Rossol’s unique and unparalleled witticisms are manifested in each of his skits, which he uploads to Instagram at the handle @realmichaelrossol. His signature artistic video setup typically features Rossol in the foreground of the frame, where he delivers 60 seconds of intellectual humor that appeals to the wit of intelligentsias and comedians alike. Rossol’s videos feature the classic “Instagram Comedian” format, where the video is surrounded by a white border and text is displayed at the top of the video. This format, pioneered and popularized by those regarded to be top tier comedians on Instagram, is a signature aspect of any quality Instagram videographer. Rossol’s content aesthetically embodies all the prerequisites of these videos.

“Michael Rossol defies the limits of curiosity and psychological capacity of mankind’s intellect everyday, as evident in his comedic endeavours,” said junior Jesi Rabinowitz. “Michael, and Michael alone, makes me question my own existence, as his commitment to comedy defies the laws of time and space.”

In an example of his videos, Rossol himself will frequently portray more than one person, a technique never before seen by the Instagram comedy community. This unique form of compensating for the mysterious lack of any semblance of friends in his life ensures that the extent of his skit will consist of Michael, and only Michael. Rossol will deliver a scripted set of lines to the camera, saving the last few seconds of his video to scream his two ingenious slogans: “What?!” or “Get the **** out of here!”

“Yuh. I bless my followers everyday by posting new stuff. I am a comedic genius,” said junior Michael Rossol. “#MichaelRossol. Esket.”

What is exceedingly axiomatic of Rossol’s content is he chooses to gyrate the plot around school-related affairs, such as academics, social interactions, and homework. The direct humor of Rossol deserves recognition in itself, as it is as quality and top-tier as it gets. The basis of Rossol’s comedy is innovative, and ascends above all others, making him the comedic genius that he is. The sphere of influence of Rossol is far vaster than anyone could fathom, and with 1,000 followers, Rossol possesses the status of one of the most momentous and prestigious Instagram comedians of all time.


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