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From the popular comics comes the spicy thriller Alita: Battle Angel. Written by the infamous James Cameron, this film is a sci-fi spectacular that gives off a very Star Wars theme, taking place in the 26th century. Grossing 32 million dollars in the box office, Alita placed first in the box office for presidents day weekend. However, the movie has not received amazing reviews, only having a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

“I thought it was a very beautiful movie, however was hard to keep up with,” said sophomore Nicky Zadeh. “There were so many scenes that deterred from the main storyline and it made it very confusing.”

While futuristic guns and advanced technology is always very entertaining, a certain kind of storyline is needed to reel in an audience. Alita: Battle Angel, has some very distinct “plotholes” that you can not help but notice. For one, none of the main characters are very likeable, as they all have a darkside and are not who they seem to be. Also, We do not have a final battle, instead leaving us on a cliffhanger for a possible sequel.

“The movie was actually very entertaining, however it was missing a solid ending,” said junior Jesus Vega. “Hopefully there will be a sequel to clear up some things.”

Alita: Battle Angel is not something to be forgotten however, as it is still a very enjoyable film even if you don’t really understand what is going on. The action is also very intense, keeping you on your toes and not knowing if the main characters are going to make it.

“This film reminded me of another film called Elysium, which had a very similar plot,” said junior Victor Diaz. “If you have seen that, keep it in mind while watching Battle Angel.”

With beautiful special effects and riveting battle scenes, it’s franchise may turn into something amazing. 3/5



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