90’s Fashion Making a Comeback?

90’s Fashion Making a Comeback?


Staff Writer


With so many new trends appearing in modern everyday day life, many have seem to forgotten the old ones, until now. Fashion from the 90’s has skyrocketed in the past months, introducing teens to the fashion their parents loved. With recent trends of ripped jeans and crop tops now being paired with vintage clothing such as scrunchies and Converse, the 90’s have never been more intriguing to young audiences.

“I don’t know much about fashion, but ever since I’ve seen Instagram influencers incorporating the style into their wardrobes it’s really inspired me to take a look at my parent’s closet,” said freshman Hailey Garcia.

Lately the trends for fashion have been taking a turn for the vintage aesthetic look. This has encouraged teens to approach the style. Many have even begun to take their parent’s clothes to style them into a modern 90’s look. Garments like mom jeans, undershirts, and barretts are all making a comeback.

“Back in the 90’s it was the trend to wear layered clothes, now you don’t see that even if it’s -15 degrees,” said a father at San Marcos, Alex Salvatore. “ Now that layered clothing is coming back into style, I don’t feel so weird when I decide to go for a more vintage look.”

Beauty bloggers on Instagram have even begun to promote the vintage trends through short videos of them trying on different styles from the 90’s era. This ranges all the way from a ‘grunge’ look to a ‘modern classy’ 90’s look. This way the 90’s fashion is able to branch out to the vast majority of teens as it promotes different styles of the 90’s for different types of teens.

“Now I look back on the 90’s and start to realize how bad I looked,” said my mom Fanny Hernandez, “but at the time I thought I was rocking it.”

The trends that evolved during the 90’s have people from different age ranges feeling mixed emotions about the fashion styles that are being brought up once again from the 90’s. How do you feel about the comeback of 90’s fashion?


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