Monarchies Are The Best

Monarchies are the best


Staff Writer


Our politics are becoming more and more fragmented, there is more discussion about the leaders of our countries, and if they are worthy to represent the people and the nation they are in charge of. The governmental system known best as monarchy solves this problem quickly and efficiently. A monarchy allows a righteous leader who is divinely ordained to take control and enforce the laws of the land. Kings and royal families have a real right to rule, as they own all the land within the reaches of their kingdom. The monarchical system was widely used in the middle ages, and generally ended around the time of World War 1. When compared to the largely failed democratic system of leadership, the light of monarchies shine brightly, blinding the eyes of the uninitiated and scholars alike.

       “I remember learning about monarchies and how they worked,” said senior Ricky Aguilar “I really like the idea that the ruler actually had a right to rule, and a strong leader makes a strong nation.”

       Monarchies are good for a number of reasons. An important aspect about monarchies are that they are less prone to war, as the ruling family has everything to lose, while in a democratic system, the leaders have very little to personally lose, as they do not effectively own the country they are ruling. Ruling families have everything to lose in an instant: their land, population, wealth, and lives, while a leader such as Obama has nothing to lose, so he can start proxy wars in foreign countries with no repercussions, as he knows it will not be his problem in a matter of years. Monarchies generally do not have their own armies, as they are far to expensive for a single family to maintain, so they can only start wars that are justified and worth the immense wealth and forethought required to begin one. Monarchies are less prone to corruption, as a small number of individuals own most of everything, so they have little to gain from extorting peasants or anyone under their flag.

       “A good monarchy will always be better than even the best of democracies,” said senior Kellen Radtkey “I would much rather have a king be in charge of the land rather than a president or prime minister, because the king has everything to lose.”

       Monarchies should be reinstated and acknowledged as the superior system over our corrupt and inept government. Reclaim your birthright, become a king amongst the ruins.

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