Sun or Snow?

Sun or Snow This Spring Break


Staff Writer


Spring Break is a great time to vacation with friends and family. Whether you are staying local or traveling far, you can make wonderful memories and take a much needed break from school.

In California there are some great snowy places to travel to. Mammoth, June Lake and Big Bear are very popular for snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding, but they also offer fun experiences, such as, gondola rides or walking around in cute little towns. For sunny weather, a popular point of interest is Palm Springs. Many people stay in hotels and swim in pools to cool off from the hot weather.  If you are staying in town there is plenty of warm weather activities to do in Santa Barbara, including, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and swimming.

A very tropical destination for travelers is Hawaii. There are various islands that people like to travel to. In Hawaii there are many activities such as hiking, swimming at local beaches, snorkeling with sharks, helicopter tours, nighttime paddle boarding and more.

“I’m going to Maui, Hawaii,” said freshman Victoria Laszuk. “I’m excited to snorkel and go to the beach!”

For more snowy and cold weather, you could travel to the east coast. Pennsylvania offers colder weather and in the city of Philadelphia there are many historic landmarks to see. Similarly, Washington DC also has weather similar to Pennsylvania and has many sight seeing spots.

Out of the country, some popular vacation spots include Cancun, Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, and Costa Rica. In Cancun you can play golf with a gorgeous view and swim at beautiful beaches. Similarly, in Cabo San Lucas you can snorkel, go on cruises, or take a kayaking tour. The Bahamas is known for its beautiful clear blue water and the swimming pigs. You can also spend the day on a boat and go snorkeling. In Costa Rica there are seven provinces and each has different qualities, such as rainy weather or hot and humid weather. Some activities are zip-lining, mud baths, boating, snorkeling, swimming at beaches, and eating delicious food.

“Over Spring Break, I will be going to Mexico to visit family,” said freshman Maya Diaz. “I’m going to go to Teotihuacán which is an Aztec city. I’m really excited to see my family because I haven’t seen them in a while.”

One place that is not as popular is Ireland, however, it is a spring break destination for one San Marcos student. In Ireland there are many things to do such as go to the beach, ride horses to see beautiful views, visit amazing castles, or beautiful islands.

“I’m going to Ireland with my family,” said freshman Haley Buttimer. “We’re going to do a road trip around there. I’m really excited.”

Whether you are headed to sunny or snowy weather, it is bound to be a great time, free of stress and full of fun with friends and family. Even if you are staying local, you will have a great time doing all the amusing activities that our beautiful town of Santa Barbara has to offer.

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