Zero Waste Lifestyle

Zero Waste Lifestyle


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Have you ever wondered where all your trash goes after you dump it in the bin? Or how the earth is suppose to decompose plastics and other sources of harmful waste? Many environmentalists are working together to promote a new lifestyle. This lifestyle which includes producing no trash whether that be a plastic bag or a toothbrush, has been a great way for the average person to contribute to saving our Earth.

“I think it’s good for the environment, but hard for people to commit to,” said freshman Ashley Mendoza, “ I don’t think I could ever do that, it just seems too hard to do in the current environment that I’m in.”

One youtuber by the name of “Sedona Christina” has been using her platform to share with viewers easy substitutes to kick start a zero waste lifestyle. The majority of the plastic coming from consumers is actually from food packages. Christina mentions in her video that an easy first step to becoming a zero waste activist is to begin using reusable produce bags when purchasing nuts, oats, and other small foods.

Of course in the current atmosphere in which we partake, a completely zero waste lifestyle seems a big extreme. Well, according to activists of the low-waste community, it is something we should strive for.

According to Eco Cycle Solutions, plastic consumption is at an all time high, the Earth’s oceans have never a been in worse condition. Plastic water bottles have been known to appear at shore in countries that do not even manufacture plastic water bottles. This has alarmed activists, as the possibilities of a plastic- free world seems far into the future.

“I think a plastic filled lifestyle is extremely harmful to the environment because it’s contaminating our planet,” said freshman Brisa Alonzo.

All around the world humans tend to forget where we came from. A zero waste lifestyle is no different from the lifestyle that our ancestors once had. Adapting to a minimal waste lifestyle would be the best option for an everyday person. Will you be changing your wasteful tendency to accommodate one with less plastic?

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