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After Review

In 2014, the romantic novel, After, by Anne Tod was read by millenials all over the world. After was originally written as a Fanfiction for Harry Styles, which was read everyday on It became so popular that Anne Tod decide to turn her fan fiction collection into a book series.

“This was by far one of the best books I have read,” said Junior Grace Mathews.  “I finished the whole book series in 2 days.”

When San Marcos students found out After is being released as a movie, people could not be more excited. They released their trailer on Instagram, and kids were watching it on repeat throughout every school day.  

When the trailer was first seen, there was some dispute over differences between the book and the movies. Lovers of the book were worried that the movie was going to butcher the book, just as many other movies have done to great books. As the movie release date approached, fan’s forgot about there worries and become more excited.

However, the movie After was a complete failure. None of the facts matched up. In addition, people who did not read the books were completely lost during the movie, due its limited use of dialogue and terrible acting.

“When I first heard the movie was coming out I couldn’t be more excited. I was planning on watching it millions of times,” said junior Ellie Gamberdella. “After seeing it once I can confidently say I will never be watching this movie again.”

In short, do not go and see this movie. It is very disappointing, earning only a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is a waste of your time. If you are engaged by the story and interested, then I highly suggest reading the book.


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