Camping In California


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Camping in California


Camping is one of the most popular activities during the spring and summer, especially for those who live in beautiful California. We are blessed with some of the best camping destinations in the world.

“I have been camping in California for years and am looking for some new places to visit,” said sophomore Kaylyn King. “My family always takes trips over summer and it’s always so much fun.”             

Here are some camping destinations within driving distance of Santa Barbara, each having their own special gems within them:                  

  1. Refugio: This camping place is a 30 minute drive from Santa Barbara. Booking sites there can be difficult, so if planning to travel here you need to plan your trip in advance. Refugio is known for being right on the beach. When camping here you wake up to the sound of the falling tide and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.
  2. El Capitan: An awesome place for those who don’t like to camp but still want to get into the nature. It is also about a 30 minute drive. It is the perfect destination for glamping. They have beautiful cabins as well as a great restaurant.
  3. Montana De Oro: Only travel here if you are prepared to use a porta potty, but I can assure you it is worth the bad bathroom situation. It has picturesque hikes and great bike rides. If given the opportunity definitely visit this state park. Montana De Oro is a 2 hour drive from Santa Barbara.
  4. Yosemite: This destination is knowns for its beautiful views and hikes. It is home to the famous half dome. This park is a must go. Yosemite can be a little bit of a trek with about a 6 hour drive
  5. Tuolumne Meadows: Tuolumne has great natural water slides, as well as the best Frozen Yogurt ever eaten. Tuolumne is in yosemite park.         

“Tuolumne has the best views,” said senior Annalies Verza. “They also have an emerald lake that is surprisingly warm.”    

Take a look at these places this summer; they each have their own beauty and camping is always a lot of fun.    


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